Cavaliere production in Jesenik, CZ

In the small village of Jesenik, that is mainly known for its winter activities with skiing slopes, is where the CAVALIERE factory is placed. CAVALIERE has a long history producing in this village, but has only been owned by CAVALIERE  since 2012. The decision to start our own production was not easy, and of course the development phase since 2012 had their trials, but in the same time it was unbelievable interesting. The result has been much better than expected!

Today we are proud to be one of the few factories in the world being able to produce our garments in the traditional Italian way, but updated in an industrial way, so called “Sartorial”.

This means we are stitching the form of the jacket, instead of using heat and glue. We use high-quality canvas in the front to give the jacket a smooth feeling, and the best of all, the jacket will stay in this form for its lifetime, no matter dry-cleaning or a humid day. The shoulders are recut by hand to make the smooth form from the shoulder to the sleeve, the buttons are stitched like the tailors do. The jacket is closed under the collar, to be able to control the length of the lining. To summarize it takes us a bit more than 200 minutes to produce one single jacket, instead of the normal 80 minutes.

Why we do this? It is simply because we believe in superior quality both in fabric and manufacturing!