Quality and Fashion

Making a jacket requires time and knowledge as well as accuracy and feeling. That's why we sew in our own factory where we combine the best of both worlds - the flexibility and tactile precision of the hand with the strength and precision of the modern sewing machine

Exclusive Craftmanship and Expression 

Nothing is glued or pasted. Everything is sewn. Together with a few other exclusive players, we adhere to the unsurpassed craftsmanship of the tailor.

Using glue and pressing the parts of a jacket together is a consequence of the demands of mass production. What is gained in time, however, is lost in quality, the fabric's hold and fit. When gluing, you cannot adjust the various parts and layers of the jacket, which affects the fit of the chest and shoulder areas as well as the expression of the lapels and shoulder pads. The compliance of the sewn thread creates a fit that lasts. So, we let the adhesive stay in the desk drawer, in production we use wire. It gets better that way.

Many would agree that a well-tailored shoulder piece separates quality from quantity, tailored from mass-produced. For us, it is most important that the clothes fit and feel as if they were tailored. And they are. We call it Sartorial Elegance.


Cavaliere Femme is our women's collection designed for the modern businesswoman, who appreciates quality in manufacturing and fabric selection. Our goal is to dress businesswomen who appreciate the highest quality in confection and material.

Choose between blazers in three different fits, mix and match with blouses, skirts, and trousers, with a size range from size 34-48. The carefully selected fabrics give the opportunity to match with the classics from the men's collection.

With us, there are no temporary trends and out-of-date details - we create our suits, blazers, trousers and blouses that make your wardrobe perfect. And always with a perfect fit.


In the Cavaliere Celebrate range, we have selected the best materials and models for various occasions from weddings to public events. We want to dress everyone, for all festive occasions.


Cavaliere CEO represents innovation in both construction, quality and the comfort of wearing it. What sets our CEO collections apart from others are two key elements, sartorial elegance and zero weight. The result is a garment that molds to the owner and provides great comfort and fit.

 The choice of fabric is naturally of a superior quality, all to achieve perfection. The garment is constructed with a soft canvas front and with the classic "Neapolitan shoulder". This gives you a soft feeling of the garment, a nice drape and perfect comfort. The fabrics are with highly twisted yarns to minimize creases during use and make the garment look good for a long time.


Our collection of NOS (Never Out of Stock) products offers a wide selection of suits, blazers, trousers, shirts and waistcoats. The collection covers 49 different sizes, several of them with mix and match programs.

The quality goes from the daily suit in wool/elastane quality to a superior quality in an S150 Tasmanian wool fabric. We promise an extra fast delivery on these products, if you order before 14, the clothes must leave the same day.

Did you know that as much as 80 percent of our orders are for jackets and trousers in varied sizes. If the customer wants jacket and trousers in the most common colors - grey, blue, and black - we have it in stock.

The Mix and Match collection offers a wide range of jackets, trousers and vests in qualities from wool/elastane to exclusive Super 150 wool. Our ambition is to keep stock so that you can always complement your favorite blazer with new trousers.

In our Mix and Match, you are always well dressed, both for the office and for a finer event.


We invite our customers to our showroom in Stockholm since year 2017!

Production in Czech Republic - Sartorial elegance!


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