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Welcome to our Wedding guide for 2021!

The trends in grooms for 2021 is the natural colours like green, beige, sand and do not forget the water and sky blue as this is important and making the basis of Cavaliere collection.

Natural colours with natural fibres, sustainability, and classic cuts of the suits. The feeling are to go back to basic, less is more, simple and clean. The Royal theme is always present, and the focus on natural fibres and more simple cuts of the suits. Easy combinations where you can add or reduce the pattern, depending on the unique style you want to achieve. 

The must have are the waistcoats and Cavaliere offer a wide range of waistcoats for mix and match. Do not forget the accessories, the need of all the small details will complete the look. A watch from your grandfather, cufflinks, maybe classic old braces or shoes with the perfect matching socks. Cravat, tie or bowtie – do the choice and make it joyful.

Cavaliere new style GOOSE, give a perfect combination of the vintage wedding with the royal wedding. Light beige colour in a smooth jacquard in a wool/silk fabric. This is luxury, strong and vintage.

The Cavaliere COUGAR family in a fantastic linen/wool quality in 3 colours, soft green, light brown and light blue.

Cavaliere guarantee quality in every small detail and our heart and passion in everything we do.

We are proud to hand over this Ceremony collection to you!

You will find more models and our entire range under Wedding & Party.