Graduation Suit

Congratulations on your graduation; it's finally time to reap the rewards for all the hard work in the classroom!

The graduation suit is often the first suit, and it's important that it's really good and stylish, and that you, as a graduate, feel comfortable and well-dressed in the clothes you wear on graduation day.The suit might be the most important purchase for your graduation day.

When it comes to graduation suits, most people opt for navy blue or black suits and a white shirt, but a gray or beige suit works just as well. Black shoes should be worn with a black suit, but if you choose a navy blue suit, brown shoes are nice.

A simple test to check that the fit of the jacket is right is to button the top button (the bottom button should never be buttoned) and make sure your fist fits snugly between the jacket and your chest - then the jacket is neither too big nor too tight. The jacket sleeve should be long enough so that 1-2 cm of the shirt cuff is visible, and the shirt should, in turn, end at the base of the thumb.

Good luck, and we hope you have a truly wonderful graduation celebration in a suit from Cavaliere!