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Welcome to our Wedding guide for 2024!

The trends of 2024 embrace the ethos of "less is more", emphasizing simplicity and cleanliness.


The magnificent theme is always present, with a focus on natural fibers and simpler cuts of the suits. Create your own unique combinations, depending on the style you aim to achieve.

Waistcoats are always a must-have in our opinion, and Cavaliere offers a wide range of waistcoats for mix and match.

Moreover, don't forget about the accessories!

It's the details that complete your outfit. A watch from your grandfather, cufflinks, perhaps classic suspenders, or shoes with perfectly matching socks.

Cravat, tie, or bow tie - make the choice and make it joyfully for those special occasions.

Cavaliere guarantees quality in every little detail, infused with heart and passion at every turn.